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KTICIC Architects Newsletter 1

My annual visit to Cyprus never fails to inspire with visits to ancient sites/archaeological digs (by invitation) and my own personal exploration and investigation .This year my particular interest is the individual house and home. The many Roman examples I saw have led me to draw up a top ten tips essential things to consider to make your dream home project or build run as smoothly as possible. Vitruvius wrote the Ten books of Architecture so here are my top ten essential tips for your dream home.

Dream Home

1. Think of the design process as more important than the build process . Design from the inside out remember the dictum Form follows Function and not the other way round. I have seen several poor examples this year where the design started outside and based on a single elevation and not much else. Bedrooms are inadequate for double beds badly planned toilets doors conflicting with the pan. All because the appearance was regarded as more important than the design plan and layout.

2. Sustainability and Energy efficiency should be paramount whether obtaining power from renewable or reducing demand from low energy lighting and efficient appliances . A figure 16% to 25% saving on your electricity bill can be achieved. The government have introduced Feed In Tariffs to encourage renewable energy. Here the grid pays to use your power. Orientation is also a means to provide passive energy efficiency using the sun and natural landscape. Calculations can be employed to prove energy efficiency savings. The Romans had slave power of course.

3. Collaboration with the building team at all times will ensure the results are as anticipated. Believe me the relationship with your builder is very important. Having one point of reference with regard to comments and queries is paramount rather than chasing sub contractors and suppliers. 

4. Review the budget all the time. Maintain the contract sum after extras and any variations. Ask for lump sum prices when making changes. Obtain at least three quotes. Five is preferable . Remember to keep a level playing field i.e. all contractors to have the same information when tendering. A firm price offer is fixed and is contractual whereas an estimate will change probably increasing.

5. A good tip is to install high spec fittings i.e. names like Roca or Jasper Morrison in kitchen and bathroom fittings. This can add a touch of glamour or luxury to your bathroom/kitchen. Remember to allow for this though in the original budget.

6 Allow plenty of time for the project lead in times and supply of bespoke fixtures should be programmed in. The design process should be programmed in the project timetable.

7. Do not forget about creating a smart home – lighting automation energy consrevation Home Cinema The Ancient House at Eustolis had its own amphitheatre probably the earliest example of Home Cinema in Europe.

8. If the project is part refurbishment is there opportunity to recycle or reuse components or materials? The Romans reused materials at every opportunity.

9. A minor issue but the grounds/landscaping/planting is never designed with the build rather as an after thought. The left over site is usually just planted with obligatory fig tree, olive tree and lemon tree. Although these are beautiful in themselves giving their fruit for consumption and culinary purpose.

10. Get my latest Special Report :    “The 10 secrets the Ancient Greeks and Romans can teach you about building your dream home.”

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